Proof that with a little creativity you can make any post about the Twilight Series… Or… how to ignore Gator Football

28686_featureSo last night as the game progressed and the husbands became more and more engrossed in the football game.. not like it was the National Championship or anything  …the wives grew more and more ambivalent and looked for other amusements.

After the feature pieces aired on the quarterbacks it occurred to us (the wives) that Oklahoma’s Heisman winning quarterback Sam Bradford was way more what we had in mind when reading the Twilight Series than how Hollywood actually cast the character of Jacob and so we decided that since he had clearly reached the pinnacle of his college football career he should take over the role of Jacob. He’s got that perfect mix of little boy face but great big body which is going to be very essential to the plot of next next couple of movies because of the way Jacob ages/grows. Imagine that curly hair all grown out ladies!!

And after quite a bit of this the husbands got all disgruntled because

A. OMG are you people still talking about those damn Twilight books!
B. Will you all stop talking favorably about the other quarterback, clearly Tebow is the bomb and
C. Bradford’s a child and way to old for you ladies to be looking at that way …

At which we ladies laughed.

Then we informed them that no, that for once there was a new double standard that was working in our favor… we could lust after young quarterbacks and we were simply Cougars… sexy sleek cats full of danger and intrigue. However if they ooggled the little cheerleader girls they were still either perverts or having a mid-life crisis. Sad either way. So sorry.

Then there was this whole discussion about the difference in a Cougar and a MILF. In the end we decided it had something to do with who was the aggressor.

By this time the husband’s heads kind of exploded. Poof!

But in the end the Gators won. And I’m happy … for my husband because he loves them and I love him.

So congrats baby… you said I wasn’t being supportive last night but secretly I was. I just couldn’t bear to show it.


And Bradford would make a really good Jacob.


One thought on “Proof that with a little creativity you can make any post about the Twilight Series… Or… how to ignore Gator Football

  1. Oh, I never thought about that. You’re right he would be great in that part.

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