Phoning It In

So January has officially kicked my ass. Someone blow the whistle please I’m ready for a new month. Can it be that it is only Wednesday?


January is the hangover that all the fun you had December gives you.

February now that is a good month!

It starts out with two back to back holidays.. Ground Hogs Day and My Birthday!


Then we’re on to Valentines Day. That glorious hallmark holiday designed to remind our tired suburban husbands that they love us. Hey Honey!! You Love Me!!!

Then we get President’s Day!

February is such a cool month that it can’t be bothered with days that start with 3.

I can’t wait till February.


2 thoughts on “Phoning It In

  1. I feel the same way about February – I celebrate my birth MONTH, not just the day! Heh.

  2. I’m feeling way better now that I know January is behind me. It’s like it’s
    practically spring already!

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