Superbowl Sunday

Here’s a few of the things I remember from yesterday’s festivities

  • Bob Costas confirmed that even The Boss has to work at selling albums in today’s economy hence the agreement to appear at halftime after years of turning it down.
  • Matt Lauer interview proves what we already know Obama is the coolest President we’ve ever had.
  • Faith Hill has made a deal with the devil – she doesn’t age.
  • The crew from Flight 1549 is enjoying their well deserved moment in the sun. Kudos to the Superbowl from bringing them out for a round of applause.
  • Jennifer Hudson belted one out for the ages in an amazing return to the spotlight. It made me want to hug her.
  • Bruce Springsteen has made a deal with the devil – he doesn’t age.
  • Now the Cardinals know the truth that lives in every Auburn Tiger’s heart ~ 2:38 is a hell of a long time to have to hold on to a 3 point lead.

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