Some Things Never Change

Last Friday I reconnected via Facebook with a girl I grew up with.

It would be accurate to say that we were “friendly with each other” than to call us “Friends” but the thing that I remember most is how I would spend hours and hours in front of my bathroom mirror trying to achieve with my eyeliner what I watched her accomplish in a few stray moments in the 2 minutes before the bell rang for 1st period. She was a makeup goddess.

After viewing her profile picture it is clear that she is still as beautiful as ever. She looks fabulous and clearly still has the upper-hand on the eye-make up which sadly I still do not.

Facebook, like reunions, can be a tricky thing. It’s fun to reconnect but more often than not I find myself disappointed in what I find. The loss of the promise that a person once held. 

Her profile revealed what an interesting and accomplished person she has become but despite all that but I still took great comfort in Amy’s continued glamour. It’s nice to know that some things never change, that some promises made still hold true.  


One thought on “Some Things Never Change

  1. A person I know was saying just today she thinks Facebook makes reunions anticlimactic because you already know what eveveryone is up to! That’s cool you reconnected with someone you knew then.

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