Hysterical Exacerbations, and by hysterical I don’t mean ROFL

It’s odd that in my life with MS that something odd happens. In fact the reason that I rarely write about my MS is that there is generally nothing interesting to say. But last night something happened. Something new. Something weird.

Last night we were having one of “those” nights as parents. The kids were not listening , not minding, talking back, on our last nerve. Every parent has had one of those nights, usually 100s of times. We loved them but OMG they needed to stop making so much noise!  So finally we had reached our limit and we both yelled at them and said Go To Bed, No Ice Cream Tonight!

Yes I was stressed but in than normal my kids are driving my crazy stress. Earlier the Dr and I had argued over an upcoming family vacation but just the typical I want to do this, he wants to do that – nothing major. We bicker to reach agreement. It’s our way.

So as I’m standing at Puddin’s bedroom door fussing at her that we had been planning to do fun things before bedtime but now that’s a wash.. I step away and notice numbness in my right big toe.  My right big toe is where any residual numbness always pops up now in heat or times of fatigue – it’s my barometer of sorts. But this isn’t just the faint numbness I usually feel that warns me I’m overdoing it. This is full on rubber-band around the toe pins and needles. Instantly – not there one minute, there the next. Things this numb are very very rare and generally make me call the neuro.

We got the kids to bed and thankfully they stayed down. I went and sat down with a glass of wine and did my best just to clear my mind. I took my Imuran early – even though I know it has nothing to do with symptoms, only prevention. I guess it made me feel like I was doing something. I thought about digging up my store of old Prednisone but didn’t do it. Instead I vegged on the internet while the Dr did the supper dishes.

Sure enough, an hour later it was gone. Completely. Gone.

I stood up and it was as if it had never been numb.

So a moment of parental stressed caused a temporary exacerbation? Signs that I’m actually going bat-shit crazy? I don’t know.

I’ve looked I can’t find anything on anything like this.

Yes I know stress is linked to flair ups but it’s supposed to be “life event” stress – not “my kids won’t stop talking” stress.

Oh dear.. if this keeps up I can just hear me yelling now…

“You need to mind Mama and do as your told or Mama’s foot will go numb – and you don’t want Mama’s foot to go numb! Trust Me.”


2 thoughts on “Hysterical Exacerbations, and by hysterical I don’t mean ROFL

  1. My right hand is my barometer. It went numb during an exacerbation two years ago and has never really gone back to normal. But if I am upset or stressed, even in a good way,it goes solidly numb, like I have a thick, stiff glove on.
    The more upset I am, the worse it is.
    Fun stuff, huh? (eye rolling here)
    I am really enjoying your blog, by the way. We have much in common. I also telecommute, I have two daughters (grown ups now, though, and I have two sons as well) and I have MS too. I wish we didn’t have that last one in common. 😦 I wish no one did.

  2. Hey Marie – sorry I am just now seeing this comment. Somehow I missed it along the way. Thanks for stopping by – hope you’re feeling well these days.

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