I tried to hug @queenofspain and she was all Bitch, Get off me!

Okay not exactly like that but it’s 2:30am and I’ve been inhaling paint fumes all night so I’m probably making no sense.

Here’s what really happened, I think. Maybe I’m wrong.

Erin wrote this awesome post last night about how how people who call themselves bloggers but are really just reviewers (and especially those who don’t clearly say that’s what they are doing) kind of suck.


I completely agreed.

And then I tried to say so … only it went like this:


Me Said: Hell Yeah! High Five! Shoot the idiots AND the horse the rode in on!

She Said: I got no problem with horses, horses are cool.

Me Said: No man, the horse sucks because if it weren’t for the horse the idiots would still be somewhere else instead of here.

She Said: Horses are beautiful creatures that I’m quite fond of

Me Said: Down with Horses! Horses Suck!

She Said: I’m trying to be patient and gracious with you but I didn’t write a post about horses, please stop talking about horses.

Me Said:  I know, you’re full on right about the idiots.  I still want to shoot a horse though.

She Said: Go to bed

Only I didn’t go to bed. I wrote this instead. Which just probably proves she was right and I’m the idiot – just not the horse riding kind


2 thoughts on “I tried to hug @queenofspain and she was all Bitch, Get off me!

  1. It was Unicorns! Unicorns I say! lol 😉

  2. Well, you gave a hell of a good fight. I just wandered in from over there and I liked your style. You have a new stalker…I mean reader now.

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