When I grow up I want to be Bossy

One of my favorite bloggers is Bossy. Melizzard wants to be Bossy when she grows up, where “grows up” means that she gets to a point in her life where her kids are older and she kind of has a life again.

Bossy blogs her life, which is sometimes about kids and sometimes not, and Melizzard enjoys Bossy’s life a lot.

Melizzard really really looks forward to a time in her life when she can look at her children and know that she worked hard and they are great people but at the same time her life is full enough that she’s not living vicariously through them. That, Sister Mercy, her life is so full and interesting that’s its peppered with hundreds of Little Known Facts.

Melizzard also likes referring to herself in the third person and admires Bossy’s spunk in just owning that one. Melizzard wonders if she will every “embrace the curl” because the Chi Flat iron is still her best friend.

Melizzard wants to grow up to have the kind of friends who will come over for a dress up mystery party. Melizzard wants to learn to cook artichokes. Melizzard is jealous of the fact that even the snakes in Bossy’s porch are more beautiful than the ones on hers –of which there are no pictures because finding a snake on Melizzard’s porch generally requires that it  immediately be decapitated and thus freed from it’s poisonous ways and then who really wants to take pictures of that anyway. We do however get an occasional stray turtle who has lost it’s way from the pond across the street so Melizzard’s got that one over Bossy.  Melizzard does not want to own a great dane.

Melizzard hopes that one day Bossy will embark on yet another Excellent Road Trip and that this time she will get to meet her as she rushes through.

A Camera of One’s Own

Since I purchased my first digital camera in 1999 I’ve taken over 20,000 pictures. My oldest child is in over 8,500 of those pictures. I know this because Flickr keeps count for me.

Her very first moments on this earth.

Every major baby milestone.

First day of school.

Moments of rest.

You name it, I’ve got it “on film.”  Her whole life in pictures. Her story told in the captures of moments in time.

Except that there’s starting to be a problem. She’s growing up. She’s walking away.

This is a good thing, I know that. I encourage it! I’m the one yelling “YES” at the radio when Ayelet Waldman told Terri Gross. “I’m terrified by the idea of a world governed by these people who’ve never had to govern themselves”, when talking about over-parented children who never do anything or go anywhere without adult supervision. I believe in Free Range Children

I believe it is essential to her development, her character and her independence that she go away, without me, and learn about her world – that she explores, and imagines, and learns to get along – with me.

My problem is this: There are starting to be holes in the story. Un-illustrated pages in the book of her life. Because I’m not there (and I shouldn’t be) to take a picture of it.

I want to put on a trench coat and sneak behind her jumping behind trees and bushes like some kind of crazy cartoon spy. Not because I don’t trust her or I’m worried. But because I want to take pictures!!

We went on vacation last week to our annual Not-Blogher trip to the mountains. It was perfect but I have so many pictures like this now.


“Bye Honey! Enjoy the creek! Come back by dinner time”

… take the camera…. I think inside my head knowing I’d never let her take my Nikon with her.

I mean I trust her with her own safety and all .. but not the safety of The Precious!!! Let’s get real.

imageSo I’m not sure what there is left to do but maybe this…

A camera of her own.

I’m getting jazzed about this idea. A camera of her own. Nothing too expensive. This one is cheaper than her DS. It’s got good ratings. Seems easy to use.

Then she can bring me pictures and I can see what happens after the screen door slaps shut. I can fill in the gaps that are naturally a part of her growing up. She can look back and remember the first time she did this or that without me. And smile. And hopefully be happy she has a Mama who believed in documenting AND in letting go.

A camera of one’s own .. to make both mother and daughter happy and healthy .. cheers to  you Virginia Wolf, your lessons hold true even in a digital age.

His Lovely Wife

Once or twice a year I am called upon to assume the role of His Lovely Wife. I do not resent this, after all he has on more than one occasion donned the mantel of Her Charming Husband.  But these days as the doctor’s wife I’m the one that more often is just along as the arm candy.

One of the benefits of these nights is that they generally come with free booze and a breath taking view. There is no view in Jacksonville that compares to that which you get from The River Club downtown. My sad iphone photos do not do it justice.

IMG_0118 IMG_0117

IMG_0121 IMG_0124

4 Years Old


Fuzzy Head has turned 4. Yes this is the sterotypical birthday post. Go ahead and yawn if you need to.

A couple of months ago when I realized that FuzzyHead was the age Puddin was when Fuz was born I started feeling bad. Because I knew that despite the best intentions and our best efforts Puddin sort of got ripped off. I mean they are about as cute as any human gets at this age and when she should have been queen of the family here comes an infant and trumps her.

And now FuzzyHead is doing it again. She’s just so darn cute she’s stealing all the attention. We’re doing our best but it’s hard because you just want to eat her up.

She’s starting to put herself out there just the smallest bit. My shy child. My clingy child. She is loosening her grip on me just the slightest little bit and putting a toe out there. And she’s doing just fine. I’m so proud of how she’s letting go even if it’s just a little.

So happy birthday Biddy Baby. Mama loves you as deep as the ocean. 

As long as I’m wallowing in my own hypocrisy

After yesterday’s shameless plug/beg for the netbook giveawy at Blissful Style I figured I might as well go for broke and declare that my blogging integrity can also be EASILY bought for a Nikon 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 G ED-IF AF-S VR DX Zoom-Nikkor Lens. Seriously I would be yours, bought and paid for. Signed sealed delivered I’m yours.

I’ve been interested in this lens since Christmas when Miss Zoot got one for Christmas and then I read the Ken Rockwell review. I’ve been meaning to email her and ask her how she was liking it after 6 months but this week she up and posted about it and another new lens (yeah now I want that one to but I’m trying to only covet one lens at a time) and as I suspected she now calls it her full time leave on the camera lens. I. Want. One.

How great would it be not to have to change lenses all the time like do now from me 18-55 and my 70-300! Mama needs this lens.

If someone wants to give me one of these precious babies I would be your web whore for life (says the girl with 20,000 pictures in her flickr stream). Call me.

Childhood Perfected – May They Always Believe in the Magic of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Despite the fits the 4 year old still occasionally pitches and the snarky eye-rolls that I’m starting to get from the 7 year old – I know I’m doing okay as a mom when I look out my windows and see this in my backyard. As long as they still believe in the magic of Peter and Tinc we’ll all be okay.

DSC_0873 Tinkerbell is trapped on Captain Hook’s ship
DSC_0888 Peter hears her cries for help
DSC_0890 And heads to rescue her
DSC_0874 Don’t worry Tink I’ll save you!
DSC_0877 And off they fly
DSC_0899 Back to Peter’s secret hid out to exam Captain Hooks map and take his treasure
DSC_0885 Or maybe just lay in the grass and day dream a while

And the price of my integrity is….

Okay no one rails against the flood of aggravating review blogs and blog give-aways more than me but looky here – it appears that even I have my price and it’s $699 or the price of one Vivian Tam HP Netbook.

I’m seriously coveting this netbook. Seriously. So I’ve decided to throw my principles to the wolves and say gimee gimmee gimmme PLEASSSEE. I think every well healed PTA President needs one. Did I mention I’m now the PRESIDENT of the freakin PTA? More on that later.

Blissful Style is hosting a giveaway for one of these beauties. And I’m spreading the word. There. I might feel a little dirty but it’s nothing a kiss from this baby won’t cure.

The Mommy Blogs are getting boring

Hello pot, I’m kettle.

Let’s just that out of the way right there.

But for the love of god my Feed Reader is damn boring these days. Mostly for the same reasons that have kept me from posting anything remotely interesting lately. Life. The last two weeks of school with all it’s performances and ceremonies and meetings are a time suck. And then there all that lovely weather luring us outside – you know to actually spend time with our families. Don’t worry I’ll be boring dazzling you with pictures soon.

But there is something else going on too… those who are writing – at least in the last week or so – have been droning on and on about the whole Review Blog/MommyBlogger/Who’s Really a Blogger debate and frankly it’s painful. Boring. And painful. Please please please stop. It was remotely interesting over a month ago when it all started but seriously we are all way way over it now.

Stop and go back to talking about poopy and posting pictures of your kids with things up their noses. Cause poop is funny and so is stuff up your nose. I like stuff up the nose stories.  And I like to hear about the funny thing that happened today. Tell me please! I read your blogs to laugh and be entertained, not to think. And certainly not to read some 3000 word rant about how the term Mommy blog is a misnomer or why review blogs are either the evil or the best thing going. Stop!!!

I would kill for a picture of a kid with french fries in his nose or a guess who pooped on the potty/graduated from kindergarten/went to prom story right now.