When I grow up I want to be Bossy

One of my favorite bloggers is Bossy. Melizzard wants to be Bossy when she grows up, where “grows up” means that she gets to a point in her life where her kids are older and she kind of has a life again.

Bossy blogs her life, which is sometimes about kids and sometimes not, and Melizzard enjoys Bossy’s life a lot.

Melizzard really really looks forward to a time in her life when she can look at her children and know that she worked hard and they are great people but at the same time her life is full enough that she’s not living vicariously through them. That, Sister Mercy, her life is so full and interesting that’s its peppered with hundreds of Little Known Facts.

Melizzard also likes referring to herself in the third person and admires Bossy’s spunk in just owning that one. Melizzard wonders if she will every “embrace the curl” because the Chi Flat iron is still her best friend.

Melizzard wants to grow up to have the kind of friends who will come over for a dress up mystery party. Melizzard wants to learn to cook artichokes. Melizzard is jealous of the fact that even the snakes in Bossy’s porch are more beautiful than the ones on hers –of which there are no pictures because finding a snake on Melizzard’s porch generally requires that it  immediately be decapitated and thus freed from it’s poisonous ways and then who really wants to take pictures of that anyway. We do however get an occasional stray turtle who has lost it’s way from the pond across the street so Melizzard’s got that one over Bossy.  Melizzard does not want to own a great dane.

Melizzard hopes that one day Bossy will embark on yet another Excellent Road Trip and that this time she will get to meet her as she rushes through.


3 thoughts on “When I grow up I want to be Bossy

  1. Oh! Bossy is also one of my very favorites. She makes me smile. 🙂
    Thanks for commenting on my blog… life has been sorta ugh over here lately and your comment brightened up my night… for real.

  2. Awwwwwww, geeeeeeeeee.

  3. I have met the Bossy on her last Excellent Road Trip.
    She was most excellent.

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