Little Miss PTA

Spent the whole day at various grade level orientations helping parent with questions and whatnot. I’m finding that I really like this – sometimes you surprise yourself I guess. Maybe it was just the rare opportunity to actually deal with many different people all day long. It’s very isolating being a telecommuter – even when I do leave the home office, it’s to go to a meeting with the same 3-5 people that I only ever see.

I must have talked to 200 different people today – granted all of them were happy and excited – their kids were going back to school so Yeah! right. I loved the kindergarten parents – the ones that were first timers were soooo cute in their sort of overwhelmed way. I felt kind of jazzed at the end of the day, helping all those people. Reminded me of when I was in the operations part of staffing – the rush of all that activity.

So I’m thinking check me out. I’m that mom. Who knew?

Paranoia has set in early

Daddy: Bye honey I’m leaving for work.
FuzzyHead: Daddy, did THE VOICE tell you that you had to go to work today?
Daddy: The voice?
FuzzyHead: THE VOICE that talks from the walls every morning and then you go to work. Does it tell you that you have to go?
Daddy: You mean the alarm system honey? (miraculously maintains equal level of seriousness being demonstrating by concerned 4 year old)
FuzzyHead: It talks from the walls…

Poor thing.. despite much explaining I still don’t think she gets that it’s just a record voice that says “System Off” when we turn the alarm off every morning.