Blog Stalking: The @misszoot Version

You know that whole thing where you read someone’s blog for so long that you start to think of them as a friend.. even if they wouldn’t know you from preverbal Adam were you to walk and give them your most awkward hug…

So on Saturday, after dropping Puddin off at the skating rink for a birthday party (all the rage with the 8 yo crowd right now much to my amusement)  I spotted this flyer by the door and my immediate thought was –

Oh Man I have to tell Miss Zoot about that – she’d be all over it. 

Then immediately following was ..

Sure dork, if she didn’t live 700 miles away and had any inkling of who you were, hello reality calling..

Not to be outdone the crazy side retorted..

Well Yeah but other than that we’d totally dress up like Bella and Alice and go New Moon Skating together.. she’d totally be into it.




One thought on “Blog Stalking: The @misszoot Version

  1. DUDE. I’m TOTALLY THERE. Man…I wish our skate rink would do something like that…*sigh*

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