Pool Building Day 11 – Going off the deep end


We officially got a deep end today.


And we officially hit water


The digging crew hit water which was sort of expected so a sump pump was installed in a hole in the bottom and then covered with gravel. The pump, will continue to run and pumps water up and out of the bottom of the whole. Issue: they left the hose in a pile of dirt, creating a potential muddy mess. I moved it 4 feet to the grass, it was all good.

But then the rebarb crew showed up and had to move the whole around to do their work. For some reason they felt like this was a good place to put it.


Therefore creating a lake of water that would shortly have turned into a muddy swamp and gators would have moved in.

I looked around for the crew and didn’t see them. So I called the foreman and left Crazy Lady message #1 on his voice mail.

Then surprise! Evidently they were just on  a break so I suggested that perhaps the big tractor tracks in the middle of the big piles of dirt were probably not the best place to leave the pump hose. And there was absolutely not any crazy-eyed large arm waving  movements or high pitched squealing involved. Not one bit.

They just smiled. Clearly they’ve dealt with Crazy Lady before. The sweetly offered to move the hose all the way out of the yard. Then promptly did it.

I called the foreman and left Crazy Lady message # 2 on his voice mail begging him to delete and forget message #1.

Then I went inside and shut up.

This, though, this is the part I’m trying to deny



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