Pool Building Day 12 – Laying Low

More rebarb today. But first I should note there was so much water overnight that the rebarb guys called the digging guys to come back out and put more gravel down.

Had I not had that Crazy Lady hissy fit about the hose yesterday they would not have been able to have come in without flooding the “lake” back into the pool area… thank you very much!


Having won that private moral victory I decided to ignore the pool as much as I could today in an effort to you know – not be crazy. The rebarb guys while friendly clearly aren’t that into me being out there.

And by not that into me being out there I mean I think one of them is in witness protection program. Seriously. He turns and runs if he sees me with my camera.

I am not joking.

DSC_1508 copy

You wouldn’t think someone who needed to fear cement shoes would work around well big holes and cement. Go figure.

I decided not to trap him in the hole with my camera since he still has work to do but when he comes back tomorrow to finish up the last part… I’m totally getting out my long lens.

On a side note the pool company says the tile we picked is not available. Craptastic. Now we’ve got to go pick out different tile. This has aggravated the Dr more than I thought it would. Seems he was in love with the tile.


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