Pool Building Day 19-22: The Easter Turtle

Well we’re told we’re waiting on the tile to arrive.. although it seems oddly coincidental that this delay as timed to fall exactly with Spring Break. Maybe even pool builders need a few days at the beach.

So since nothing is going on I’ll share a little side story of the turtles that came to Easter Dinner.

While the family was over for dinner exploring the building site, Dad noticed something swimming around in all that ground water.


Why Hello Baby Turtle! Oh wait there are two of you..

Two Baby Turwtles

Stuck in the po – ol

This is serwious!

We have to help them

Let’s Save the Baby Turwtles

We’ll Save the Baby Turwtles

Okay that last part was only funny to those of you with kids who are currently forcing you to watch way too much Wonder Pets. (Yes we sang it the whole time)


The girls decided that we needed to put them in the pond across the street. Here’s a fun example of classic behavior with my two. Can you guess which one is the tomboy and which one is all pink and princess-y …



We need to get on with this because this guys is having none of it!


So we set them free in open water…


And they swam away and lived happily ever after  (we hope)


Now if I could only get that damn Wonder Pets song out of my head.


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