Pool Building Day 30 – Sand but no day at the beach

You know what I love. I love when someone says they’ll be here at 11:00 and then 11:00 comes and there is no one here. Then 12, 1, 2 … 5.

What’s 6 hours right?

So these guys showed up over 6 hours after they were expected to sand the deck.


Then they pounded some more


Then they wet it all down and washed it down and left.


About 35 minutes after they got here. So you know they did a stellar job right?

But am I complaining… no because I’ve been the crazy lady for days now. I’m keeping my mouth shut until the next time I see Builder Bob again. Then I’m going to ask him the question I hear his as his crews, “Would you be happy with this job at your mother’s house?”


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