Silver Linings

So this morning I woke up early and in one of those rare bright eyed and bushy tailed get up and go moods that frankly I just don’t have.

Since the Dr. was laying there totally asleep through the first part if what was bound to be a stellar hangover I decided to get up and get my errands out of the way. I got up, got dressed, and off I went to Target.

First stop coffee. Decided to treat myself to a rare White Chocolate Mocha at Starbucks.

Halfway there see something amiss in the road ahead. Hmm a downed power line. Road is closed. Well crap I’m have to take the long way around.

Go back, and around, and then up again. One block away start to notice something amiss. Traffic lights aren’t working. Get closer. Damn – power is out all over. Grrr.

Head south. Not sure what to do then as pass McDonalds remember that they now have fancy coffee, decide to give it a try. U-Turn. Go back get in drive thru line. Get close and roll down window, hear lots of “I’m sorry, I apologize” from the speaker to the car in front of me – no way. Get to the speaker, “I’m sorry, I apologize” – nothing that has mocha is available. Drive away.

Drive South.

Pass Target.. don’t know where I’m going. Then remember Starbucks inside Barnes and Noble. Wonder if they are open before the store. Pull into parking lot with exactly 3 cars in it. Realize I’m being tail-gated in a parking lot with exactly 3 cars in it. Pull into a space to avoid crazy person. See Starbucks is not open. Leave.

Drive further South.

While waiting at light to turn into second McDonalds realize silver lining of all this craziness is  BLOG POST FODDER!!!

Turn in, wait, obtain this:


Realize half way thru Target trip that blogging wasn’t the only benefit …  🙂


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