Pool Building Day 35 cont’d: Happy Earth Day

The Earth Day Acid Team had just barely climbed out of the pool when the next phase happened. These fellows showed up and started throwing the finish on the wall. Yes – throwing.




But it wasn’t long before it started looking like this.


And then this is the part where OSHA just needs to look away. Yes this is what it looks like. This fellow is walking around in sock feet with a HUGE BLOWTORCH that sounded like it was a freight train. Seriously I could not talk to my neighbor standing with me on the deck when they turned this thing on. They used the blowtorch to dry the finish faster.


Having somehow managed to not burn their feet off, the washing phase started next. The finish must be washed to reveal the pebble finish look. Every inch must be repeatedly sprayed AND brushed and then sprayed and brushed again.


So you can imagine that all that washing and spraying causes some awefully dirty water. Water you don’t want in your fresh new pool. So out comes the sump pump again and you know what they do with?

Dig big holes in my yard to bury it in. Happy Earth Day.


And at somewhere around 7:30 it was all done.

And then at long last they said “fill’ ‘er up”



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