What I Do Instead Of Watching Lost Repost from May ’08

Below is the one and only post I've ever written about Lost. I thought that since it's pretty much as true today as it's ever been I'd use it as a repost. I will add however that tonight I did actually sit down and watch the finale with the Dr.  In the end I'm more thankful than ever I didn't watch the show because frankly had that been a show I was into the ending would have pissed me off. Six season about a mysterious island only to be told in the end it's not about the island? None of the mysteries really solved? It's only about the people? In my opinion #fail. Glad it only every 2 hours of my time.


The Dr. is a huge fan of Lost. I am not. I took one look at the pre-release commercials and declared that I had enough questions left unanswered with the original Gilligan's Island and did not need more heaped on by a J J Abrams remake.

So he records it and watches it later. Later meaning when I'm busy doing something else. But over the years I've wandered through the room enough to have some grasp, albeit probably somewhat incorrect, of the story line.

Here is what I do to amuse myself while he is minding his own business desperately trying to enjoy his show. I wander in and out and ask annoying questions.

Me: "Isn't she/he supposed to be dead?"

Him: "It's a flashback" (blood pressure rises)


Me: "Why are some people off the island and other's aren't?"

Him: "It's the future." (hair stands on end – huffs in my general direction)


Me: "How far in the future because that baby doesn't look any bigger than it was on the island. Babies grow fast."

Him: "Shut up"

Later still:

Me: "I thought she/he was killed on the Island, now she's in the future? "

Him: "It's the past again!!" Poof his head explodes

THIS is far more entertaining to me than the show ever could be.


As heard at bedtime last night

Him: Thanks for telling me you were going to bed.{sarcasm}

Me: I did, I said, “I’m going to bed” when I was typing it in the computer. You weren’t listening.

Him: You typed it in the computer?

Me: Yes

Him: Why, who were you telling you were going to bed?

Me: The Internet.

Him: The Internet?

Me: Yes, obviously it listens better than you do.

Pool Building Day 49: Pool School

We had Pool School today and the keys were officially turned over to us. That means no more Alex/Alec – never did figure that one out. Notice there have been no pictures of him. He hurts my brain. I avoid him.  Clearly having spent way too much time around pool chemicals he’s a difficult at best to describe.

The sort of fellow who is asked a simple yes or no question and gives you back a 20 minute answer that had absolutely nothing to do with what you’ve asked. No joke he is completely incapable of answering a question with a simple Yes or No.

He also assumes every question is an argument in disguise and gives you 12 reasons why what he thinks your thinking is wrong.

And he likes to tell you all about equipment you don’t have  – For instance I know all about the different kinds of drain options I don’t have. When all I needed to know what about the one I do have.

I’m very glad Alex/Alec is gone.

I’m also very very glad the pool is in our control.

So there is is… Pool Built and completely turned over in less than 50 days. I’m told that’s amazingly fast. It was a long time for me. I’m glad it’s over.

I’m going to write a post about the pool building themselves – who I’ve neglected to name up to this point but I want to wait a bit for the whole process to settle a bit in my head. I probably need a bit of distance from them before I write about them.