I’m a Big Girl Now: The Softball Addition including Helmet Bling

After 4 years of being hauled all over town to ball parks and being made to sit and entertain herself while ignoring her sister’s countless softball games, Fuzzy Head finally had her day yesterday.

Clearly she wasn’t ignore everything ‘cause check out that batting stance! She hit off the pitch two of her three at bats. (meaning she only had to go to the tee once for those of you not in the softball know) Which is awesome for your first game ever! She even made one of the few none force outs by fielding the ball and tagging the runner while playing 2nd base. Is it too early to call her a natural? Ya think?


Couple of things she would have you know…

She has invented what will here-to-fore be known as Helmet Bling. Leave it to Fuzzy Head to find a way to make the game her own. Rhinestones and Glitter Letters became an immediate rage with the t-ball set … I’m wondering if we can get Hobby Lobby to sponsor the team! LOL



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