It’s all about perspective:

FancyPants has taken to singing a little diddy she made up that goes "Daddy is older than Mommy, Daddy is older than Mommy" (And I smirked at The Dr. every time we hear it) 

Yesterday Puddin had enough and told her to "Hush – that’s not a nice song." FuzzyHead asked, "Why?" To which Puddin informed her "It hurts Mommy’s feelings."


Moment of Sanity in the Public School System

Amazing! My daughter’s school has decided 3 ring binders are in fact not deadly weapons and 3rd graders can be permitted to use them.

I’d like to think that the constant missing items and mess of dropped "stuff" in the hall during class changes that lead to this reversal of policy was a brilliantly organized protest but alas, it was really just kids being kids.

Now they are free to chop one another’s fingers off again like we always were… ‘cause you know I have so many adult friends missing fingers due to malicious binder wars in grade school.