Spring Break: The Beach Days

Each year we take the kids, two other families, for part of Spring Break to our favorite beach, New Smyrna. It’s old school Florida, you can drive on the beach and the hotels, which are walk-off to the sand are still run by Mom and Pop, at a price Mom and Dad can still afford.

We love this area for it’s slow, laid back, non-touristy feel. You can drive out, pitch your sun tent and hang out in the surf playing corn hole all day with very little crowd and only other family groups around you. If you are looking to come to Florida, avoid the crowds (as much as possible) and just spend quality time with your kids at the beach, this is the place.

Our hotel of choice is Coastal Waters Inn. They rock. Our room of choice, 309. Seriously we have a room of choice. It’s got a super huge wrap around balcony that runs the width of the building and has the best view of the beach. The rooms aren’t glamorous, but they are neat and clean and well maintained. It’s your typical two room with a kitchenette setup that will more than get you through the week with a family of four.



DSC_7341   DSC_7350DSC_7295

        DSC_7359    DSC_7381




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