A new step in her journey

As her mother I tried to savor every minute of it.

This may only happen once

This was a deal she had made .. Hip Hop and Ballet were a package deal.

She liked it far more than she will ever admit. It’s a side of her that everyone has been surprised to see and truth be told she’s probably not that comfortable with herself. Her reflection in the mirror stopped her dead in her tracks. She did not know that girl in the mirror staring back was in there, dainty and elegant and lovely.

She took my breath away. She was so beautiful and graceful on stage I started to cry.

She seemed so foreign and unknown until I noticed her ballet shoes were untied and strings were dangling down threatening to trip her on each jump. Then I laughed and knew that no matter what, in any situation, this is the child I can always trust to be true to herself.

One more step in her journey to finding out for herself who she is, who she will be.


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