Day 8 Summer Vacation–Summer Reading List

Spent a little time with Pinkalicious today.



Instragram Summer Day 1

Okay I’ve made up a new photo project and I think maybe I can keep up with this one. I’m going to take and post an instagram pictures of every day this summer vacation.

Here’s the reason:

1. Everyone is so crazy about instagram and I’m really trying to love it but honestly I’m having a hurdle so I figure the more I use it the more I’ll “get” it.

2. After having this phone for an entire year, I just yesterday discovered it has a zoom. Seriously – a year. So clearly I need to spend some time with this camara and get to know it a little better.

So here is Day 1 – Tutti Fruiti

Instagram Summer Day 1

Proof of my growth as a Mom

I consider it proof that I’ve grown as a mom that I was as excited about the Duval Diddy Hip Hop routine as I was about that frilly TuTu.. okay maybe not quite as much but seriously almost.

This solo handstand however; which she totally nailed, set my heart pounding. I knew this was what  she was most nervous over. Was the most worried about. This is what she wanted to go perfectly. It was her moment to shine.

That girl seriously  “repped Duval.”