Fits and Starts

I had a feeling when I started the blog up again it might be a bit like starting up an old car. There was every possibility that it would be a bit shaky in the beginning.  And clearly a month and half without a post shows that to be playing out a bit.

The Thing continues it’s disruptive and daily presence in our lives but I can’t honestly blame it much, other than to say it makes me weary, and weary is not good for blogging.

More likely the cause is changes at work. Good changes, don’t get me wrong, but changes that have required lots of time and brain power and creativity. Leaving not a lot of that for blogging.

Then there is Summer. I’m never really great in the summer because we just loose all manner of routine on the home front.  With the kids home from school, it a fly by the seat of you pants operation sometimes.  Combine that with record rainfall followed by blistering heat waves… well you know the story.

So I’m combating this tonight by composing a list of things to post about. I’m in the mood and I’m sure somewhere there is a Blogging 101 lecture that says plan a list of posts is a must.

What else do you do to be more disciplined about posting? How do you not let it get away from you?