The British Are Coming! Finally!

large_20130103-downton-306x-1357241170Wonder how many times that lines gets overused on blogs today. But like the rest of everyone everywhere, except right here, I’m over the moon excited that Downton Abby will be starting up in the US this weekend.  I have somehow managed to avoid any spoilers thus far – mostly I think by making it sure it stays out of my Tumblr – so I”ll be watching totally fresh.

I’m so excited to see Shirley MacClain take on the role of Cora’s mother and see if that wakes up Lady Cora a little bit. She is one of my least favorite characters because despite all the strong women on this show she is comes off as sort of an bubblehead mostly just pouting her way through scenes where she’s displeased. How that woman is supposed to have given birth and raised two daughters like Mary and Sybil is incomprehensible.  She’s supposed to be the Wallis Simpson style American Heiress who wanted a title too but Elizabeth McGovern just never takes here there.

I can’t wait to see Shirley MacClain mix it up with  – who’s character Rolling Stone descibed this way ” Lady Violet, a.k.a. the Dowager Countess, is to Downton Abbey what Mike is toBreaking Bad, Omar is to The Wire and Ben Linus is to Lost, and she’s only slightly less dangerous to cross than any of those guys.”

Also I’m hoping that whatever idiot wrote Sybil off to Ireland has been fired and that we’ll see her character coming back even stronger. Out of all the daughters she to me was the most interesting, Mary is fierce but predictable, and Edith is boring, mean and incredibly predictable – but Sybil is/was coming of age in the middle of the suffrage movement and that made her entirely unpredictable. Until some bonehead decided she needed a love interest and married her off to Ireland. Newflash – Sybil didn’t need a man!  If the actress needed time away I would have bought into her running off to Paris with the Lost Generation to watch bullfighting with Hemingway but I totally didn’t buy into her falling in love with the driver and raising babies and hiding in Ireland. She was posed to by Lady Duff not Cinderella.

Here’s hoping the Bates in jail storyline is wrapped quickly also – cause boring.

And here’s hoping for less O’Brien and Thomas – I know some love them and they are supposed to be villians and cause tension but ughhh. I just don’t love to hate them.

I adored the first season but the second season I think held back too much, it was almost as if they were scared of not repeating their success and so they did the typical sophomore let’s play it safe thing. We went from Turkish diplomats dying in the bed with the Earl’s unmarried daughters and having to be hauled out by in the middle of the night  to flower show showdowns. So come on Season 3 give us something juicy again!






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