In need of a good bar fight story

So the massive its-no-a-tumor bandage came off on Friday night. Thank Gawd, ’cause that was sort of the worst part.  My friend with the very best kind of OCD went to New Orleans with us and when she saw that bandage she was all,

“Yeah I can’t look at that we need to take that shit off. ”

and I was all

“Good lord how I love you”

And she proceeded divest me of my facial side tumor.

And this is what was left.


And I was excited and decided the surgeon guy was just being all set-the-bar-low on expectations and she’ll be all kinds of excited later guy.

Then today I went and had the last of the bandages removed and the stitches taken out and we’re really at “yeah, not so much” with that low bar setting thing.

melanoma surgery scar

Holy Moly – I know it will heal and get better with time but Ahhhhhh

Also – it appears that all that bandaging did some kind of derm-abrasion therapy to my cheek and left me with much nicer skin underneath.. I think I’m going to start ordering rolls of surgical tape and wearing it around for a few days routinely.



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