In which I piss the Dr Who world off… I don’t like Clara

Yes I know, she’s cute as a button, and she had so much potential but 4 episodes in to her shows, I find myself disappointed. Maybe the build up was too big. Maybe the she had too much mystery around her and she can’t live up to it  – after all the Dr. usually just stumbles upon his new companions. Maybe the Ponds are just a hard act to follow. 

Who Knows…

But regardless she’s a bore. It’s not her fault really. They are barely giving her anything to say. But she’s not even really asking questions. She just so “along for the ride.”  She doesn’t seem to have that quality of amazement and adventure that defines a companion. Where is the wide eyed wonder? The amazement? Most of all she’s just not the same girl we saw in the Christmas Special.. she’s a watered down, oddly silent, boring version of that.

And what is up with the playing coy and hard to get? The Dr. has never had to pursue a companion before, they have always jumped at the chance to go with him, begged. She tells him to come back tomorrow and she’ll see. 

And these last two episodes… also just Mehh. Why were they in the submarine? Were we ever told that? At least last night we get an hint as to why they showed up at the castle but OMG that was the most boring episode ever. Like a weirdly misplaced Halloween episode that never got off the ground. I actually feel asleep during it.

I’m starting to worry that Moffat has peaked on this one. He’s had his best shows and best ideas and he’s now wading through a mess of left overs trying to make something of it. Or maybe he’s just so focused on the 50th anniversary thing that the current season is slightly neglected. Did it all get too big?

Who Knows? Time Will Tell.



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