Melanoma Scar Update

mohs surgery scar update 2 monthsI posted a picture of the original melanoma with the it’s not a pimple message on today and so far it’s gotten over 100,000 views so that made me think I should post an update here as well.

This is what the scar is looking like these days – roughly 2 months after the surgery. No make-up and picture is straight from camera.  With my hair down you almost don’t even notice it. I am still putting Aquaphor on it daily and massaging it to keep the stiffness out.

I went back for a full body check a few weeks ago and had a ton of little spots frozen off and three spots biopsied. None of them came back as anything. One of them was on the bottom of my heel – I would never ever have thought to look there myself. But sure enough I have (had) several small freckles/moles on the bottom of my left heel.

So now I go back every three months and get a full body check again so they can look places I can’t see.

Also they are having me use vitamin C oil on my face and neck and chest every day – evidently it’s shown to remove pre-cancer cells before they really amount to anything.


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