Flat On My Back – The update

As you might recall, last week I completely ruined my week by straining my back BY STANDING UP.

I spent most of the week either laying flat or walking around because those are the two things I can do. Sitting was not an option. Bending and reaching – might as well have asked me to fly.

This week I’m up to sitting for about 1-2 hours at a stretch. Then I have to lay back down to relax the muscles and I’m fine to walk around quite a bit after that.

Literally 3 seconds of injury – two weeks of recovery.

I. Am. Unhappy.

photo (3)

But because I’m not happy with unhappy, let’s look for the silver lining. Oh here it is.

This was the final straw with the old desk chair. I took a moment to realize that if I had a regular desk at a regular office or cube at corporate I would not be sitting in such a cheap crappy board table type chair. Just because I’m a teleworker doesn’t mean I should not have what I need. So I went out and bought a reasonably priced but still highly rated task chair that is rated for 8-10 hours of sitting. Who knew chairs were rated for sitting hours.

New chair does not photograph well.

BTW – my temporary desk has been taken over

photo (4)


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