Let’s Try This Again

I’m all about the fresh starts. My latest fresh start was supposed to happen with the start of the school year two weeks ago, I was going to attack my to do list and tackle all those pesky things I’ve been avoiding around the house all summer. It started off well, we were up, girls were out the door, I sat down for work – then one false move later – I was flat on my back for week. Goodbye fresh start. Nothing got done.

So here we go – fresh off a three day weekend. First of the month, fresh start reboot.

I’m not 100% recovered so it’s going to be a slow start vs the burst out the gate I had planned but so be it. 

Things I’ve done so far: 

  • Written this.
  • Started laundry
  • Picked up around the house before work started

Goals for this week

  • Grocery shop for the whole week, not just one night at a time.
  • Get everyone’s laundry completely done
  • Clean up back to school mess off dining room table
  • Put back all the patio stuff from where I pressure cleaned the weekend (I’m all about the project but hate and will procrastinate the clean up part afterwards)

If I write it all down here hopefully I’ll hold myself more accountable to it.


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