September: My least favorite month


September tries hard. It starts out with a bang, a holiday right there fresh out the gate – it gives you it’s first Monday off every year. Then it’s all downhill from there.

September wants to be fall but it can’t seem to let go of summer.

September means all the back to school newness has worn off and the day to day grind is setting in.

In September we start rolling our eyes at the world of retail and they begin their annoyingly early holiday season push.

September is like the guy you date while you’re waiting to meet Mr Right. It’ll do until October gets here.

September is so boring that in 1752 when the British wanted to abandon the Julian calendar in favor of the Gregorian, they took the 11 day difference out of September, making September 3rd the 14th instead. No one noticed. (As a result nothing whatsoever is recorded in British history from Sept 3-13 1752 –  true story)

World War II started in September

September Blows…


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