Dear Random Children of the Internet with Blogging Moms:

ImageI’m sorry.

You have been yelled at, threatened, slut shamed, and talked down to  by both your parents and your friends parents ad nauseum on the internet this week.

I’m not sure why, sometimes we just get in a mood. Truth is these letters aren’t about you really. They are about ourselves – or at least about the view of ourselves we want others to have. They have way more to do about the image we are looking to project to our peers than they actually do about any real parenting we’re trying to pull off.

That being said….

I promise to never write an open letter to either my children or their friends expressing my disapproval of whatever pop culture, social media, buzz worthy crap that has me teed off this week.

I realize it will just make me look judgy and kind of ridiculous and would in reality have absolutely nothing to do with actually communicating with or parenting you.

2 Million views would not be worth the inevitable embarrassment these kinds of posts must cause the children of the people involved.

Instead I promise to sit down and talk to you personally about what ever shit is going on. Or even in some cases keep my opinions to myself because  – I kind of give you credit for being pretty awesome people who don’t need to be preached at in person, much less over the internet.

That is all.

Carry On.


p.s. The cats are still fair game.


3 thoughts on “Dear Random Children of the Internet with Blogging Moms:

  1. Ha! I love this. I’ve posted about my children, but hopefully not my disapproval. Not that my kids need my blog to know I disapprove of, say, hitting each other over the head with toys. Plus, I genuinely like most kids anyway–mine included.

    • Same here, I post about the kids but just not “at them.”

      Also I tend to give my kids (and their friends) lots of credit for not needing to be overparented.

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