Mile Stones: Biking to a friends house after school

9-9-2013 5-41-18 PM

See those two, as we speak they are supposedly doing math homework that “would be so much easier if we worked on it together”….

Yeah, I know, I remember that one too. 🙂 Those were the days.

Truth is today has nothing to do with homework and everything to do with growing up.

Puddin’ strapped on her helmet and rode over to a school friend’s house who doesn’t live that close after she got home on the bus. Out of the neighborhood and across a fairly large and crowded intersection full of impatient minivans driven by distracted moms late for soccer/ballet/football/cheerleading.

This kid regular trains for her races by doing 6-10 miles at a time but this two miles.. probably the significant she’s ever done.

With that two miles, she broke the neighborhood barrier and left to go out on her own to a friend’s house with instructions to start heading back home by 6:30 or when the other family was ready for dinner, which ever came first.

One more taste of precious independence.

She’ll be 12 next month and the way I see it, I’ve 6 years to get her ready to take her passport and walk out that door fully capable of roaming the planet on her own.

I fully intend to get her there on time, one two-mile bike ride at a time.


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