The beginning of the end for my cable bill

9-19-2013 1-06-07 PMWhen you’re whole life gets turned upside down and you can’t even begin to fathom what is going on around you a funny thing happens. You completely forget about something called television.

This week’s ripple effect how our view of TV has changed.

During the worst of it all, there was no TV. I had no mental capacity or desire. As the dust settled I found I just didn’t care. I read a lot. I was also feeling the need to isolate myself from my local world – no local news no Facebook, –  but spent hard core time each night combing the internet trying to find a world to relate to that had nothing to do with my own. One day or night I saw some random tweet from The Bloggess wondering if she was the only person who cried at every single Dr Who episode or something like that.  I was crying all the time anyway so I figured I give it a try.

I had an Amazon Prime account that had come with my Kindle so I fired it up and sure enough all the previous seasons were there for free. Before I knew it I found myself sneeking off to the bedroom with my kindle at every available moment to devour this show. The girls became curious and I began to let them watch it with me.

I also started to notice that Downton Abby which I had heard a lot about on the internet was there too, so we streamed that. And them something else and something after that.

And then I don’t know how but somewhere along the way we’d replaced TV with streaming. It’s like we were curating new shows and watching from the original seasons forward.  I did a little research and found Amazon and Hulu could both be streamed through the XBox we had. That’s when it really all became a thing.

I started this summer determined to try and not turn on the cable box. And we didn’t.  We watched only thing streamed either though Amazon or Hulu. Old stuff new stuff cool stuff you name it. It never felt like we didn’t have choices of what to watch. In fact the kids have more choices than ever before because practically every family oriented network TV show ever made is at their disposal: The Cosby Show, Family Ties, Seventh Heaven, and Wonder Years are just a few of their “current” favorites.

We have whole libraries of TV available for a fraction of the cost of my monthly cable bill.

I’m this close to canceling it. I’ve already downgraded it once. And there is room to downgrade it one more time before completely getting rid of it. I think for $20 a month or so I can keep just the networks.

It’s going to happen, it’s just a matter of deciding to pull the trigger.

Cable TV is so last year lifetime.


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