Exactly how many times can you start a blog over again?

Yeap, here I am again, considering the blog. I’m not sure exactly why but the last week or two I find myself writing blog posts in my head for the blog that barely exists.

Maybe it’s that school is starting up again in a week or so and subliminally I think I need to starts something again also.

Maybe it’s because S is really getting into writing and making up stories and journalling and she’s reminded and inspired me to do the same.

Maybe it’s still that nagging feeling that it’s important to document this time in lives so the girls will understand it better when they are grown up and look back on it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve enjoyed the #100happydays experimented I started 10 days ago. (I think I might retro that one back into here)

Who knows? Does it matter? I really think it doesn’t.

What matters is that I feel like doing it again and that thought makes me happy.


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