Start, Stop, Start Again

School started up again last week and that one start alone was enough to throw just about anything else I had going into a tailspin. One of the results – no blogging.  One week in we are going great though. Classes, all good, teachers, all good etc…

So this week I’m focusing on getting back to focusing on me. Here’s a list of the small starts I’ve made so far this week:  (yeap bullets – other wise known as blog cheating)

  • So starting to exercise is on my list of things I want to do but I’m attacking that one fairly slowly .. like most parents I’ve realized the only time I can really do this is if I give up some sleep and do it early in the morning. So my start has actually been to start getting myself up at 5:45 just to get used to doing that. I know that might sound weird but my theory is this, waking up and exercising – that’s two mental hurdles to jump. If I can train my body to wake up on it’s own at this time first, I’m only tackling the one hurdle then.
  • Middle School PTA – I’ve been active in our elementary school PTA for many years but it’s time to start moving on and let the newer crowd have some space. I found that the easiest way to be okay with this was to throw my hat in the ring at the middle school, where truth be told, the extra pair of hands is needed much more.
  • Pumpkin Patch Leadership – Our youth group at church runs a pumpkin patch that is so big and local famous that it’s able to fund a great deal of the activities they do for the rest of the year. (Seriously we’re knows as “The Pumpkin Patch Church”) Last year, being our first year in Youth Group there, I just did a few cashier shifts but this year I volunteered for a leadership role because I’m trying to become more connected with the other parents.
  • Today I signed up for the Subtraction Project which technically starts in September. I chickened out last time but I’m jumping in feet first this time around.
  • And then there is the BHAG that is floating around in my head. A scary perhaps life changing project that I’ve been wanting to start but have not told a soul about. Today I told four friends about it for the first time and asked a favor of them to help me get started.  <Holds breath waiting on the reply, hoping they don’t laugh>

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