About Melizzard

Melizzard Selfie

This is me. It’s a self photo snapped accidentally in the car on my iphone while actually trying to take a picture of the kids in the back seat. That’s the way my life works…

I’ve been blogging off and on since 2001, the original name of this blog was “Breaking The Dress Code” which referred to the fact that I’ve been a full time tele-commuter since 1997. Back then I tended to work in my PJs well into normal business hours. That came to an end, when the kids came along – daycare tends to frown on dropping off the kids when you’re not even dressed.

This blog has changed faces, theme, and significance multiple times as my life has changed over the years. It currently contains only a few of its original entries prior to 2007. In a fit of self improvement I deleted them one day after deciding that I was no longer going to be so snarky. There was a time when I felt snarky was not only cool, but a sign of intelligence. I’ve since learned better.

Demographically I’m a mom in my late mid-40s, who lives in NE Florida, with two elementary school aged girls referred to in this blog as Puddin’ and FancyPants/ButterBean. I choose not to use their real names as they are unique and I’d never want some future middle school mean girl to Google them and hold them hostage to my ramblings. I am married but am currently occupying the role of “single/only parent.”  I didn’t plan on that but it’s the hand I’ve been dealt so we’re rolling with it.

I am addicted to gadgets, Dr. Who, and taking pictures of my kids. I actually read instruction manuals when I buy something because it bugs me to spend money and then not to understand an objects entire set of functions. It drives me crazy that I only really know how to utilize about 50% of Photoshop’s capabilities. I have always been a geek and am glad the world has finally decided to appreciate us.

I watch way too much TV and spend copious amounts of time tagging the 38,000+ pictures in my Flickr stream. (Sorry they are all under privacy settings but you can friend me on Flickr and if you’re a real person I can let you in). My kids are both athletic – go figure –  so I spend plenty of hours reading during practices. I am never without my Kindle Fire. If you ask me for a book recommendation be prepared to sit down and listen for a while.

2 thoughts on “About Melizzard

  1. Wait…snarky isn’t cool or intelligent??? …..I’m screwed.

    • I adore your snark, and think it’s totally cool and intelligent. Mine however, was not, it was more like a suburban mom on open mike night trying to do a Sara Silverman routine. Just because I can say vagina, it does not make me funny. 🙂

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