Celebrity Crush: Mayim Bialik

Myim BialikI wish I were young enough to blame my affection for this actress on her 90s sitcom Blossom – but we all know I’m old enough to have “grown up” with Cindy Brady and Tracy Partridge instead. In fact I have absolutely nothing in common and no reason to identify with this really quite amazing woman – I’m not an actress, a neuroscientist, a vegan, Jewish, and I in fact am opposed to a lot of the Attachment Parenting lifestyle she promotes. So why do I just really really like this person? It’s simply – she’s just so authentic.

I think it must be that the first thing that leaps out at you when you see her, being herself and not in character, is how completely unique she is. She clearly marches to the beat of her own drummer and conforming to social norms is not her thing.  She has not followed the prescribed path to success but has in fact become incredible successful in both Hollywood and the world of science. I find that refreshing and inspiring.

I first became aware of the adult Mayim when she appeared as a subject on What Not To Wear. Honestly I was only vaguely aware of the whole Blossom thing since I didn’t do a lot of tweeny TV watching during my 20/30s.  When I saw her on WNTW, she had gone on to do other things and had pursued her academic interest and was now a neuroscientist and new mom. She as warm, friendly, and just open to the whole experience. Most of all it was clear she was very funny and very intelligent. Two things that always make me interested.

Later when she showed up as Amy in BBT, I thought how very perfect. She fits right in.

Since then I’ve read her blog, and followed her on Twitter.. and while I don’t agree with some of the things, like the AP stuff, I have enjoyed her as a writer for how she approaches topics with such kindness and warmth. Her intelligence and wit are always there but so is this just really sweet, caring personality. She quickly became one of those rare exceptions  –  a celebrity that I’d actually like to meet in real life. You feel like meeting her would only make you like her more, rather than being a huge disappointment.

So if you think of her as Blossom, or Amy – do yourself a favor dig a little deeper. There is so much more interesting go on there than just those two things.

Here’s a good place to start…y




The British Are Coming! Finally!

large_20130103-downton-306x-1357241170Wonder how many times that lines gets overused on blogs today. But like the rest of everyone everywhere, except right here, I’m over the moon excited that Downton Abby will be starting up in the US this weekend.  I have somehow managed to avoid any spoilers thus far – mostly I think by making it sure it stays out of my Tumblr – so I”ll be watching totally fresh.

I’m so excited to see Shirley MacClain take on the role of Cora’s mother and see if that wakes up Lady Cora a little bit. She is one of my least favorite characters because despite all the strong women on this show she is comes off as sort of an bubblehead mostly just pouting her way through scenes where she’s displeased. How that woman is supposed to have given birth and raised two daughters like Mary and Sybil is incomprehensible.  She’s supposed to be the Wallis Simpson style American Heiress who wanted a title too but Elizabeth McGovern just never takes here there.

I can’t wait to see Shirley MacClain mix it up with  – who’s character Rolling Stone descibed this way ” Lady Violet, a.k.a. the Dowager Countess, is to Downton Abbey what Mike is toBreaking Bad, Omar is to The Wire and Ben Linus is to Lost, and she’s only slightly less dangerous to cross than any of those guys.”

Also I’m hoping that whatever idiot wrote Sybil off to Ireland has been fired and that we’ll see her character coming back even stronger. Out of all the daughters she to me was the most interesting, Mary is fierce but predictable, and Edith is boring, mean and incredibly predictable – but Sybil is/was coming of age in the middle of the suffrage movement and that made her entirely unpredictable. Until some bonehead decided she needed a love interest and married her off to Ireland. Newflash – Sybil didn’t need a man!  If the actress needed time away I would have bought into her running off to Paris with the Lost Generation to watch bullfighting with Hemingway but I totally didn’t buy into her falling in love with the driver and raising babies and hiding in Ireland. She was posed to by Lady Duff not Cinderella.

Here’s hoping the Bates in jail storyline is wrapped quickly also – cause boring.

And here’s hoping for less O’Brien and Thomas – I know some love them and they are supposed to be villians and cause tension but ughhh. I just don’t love to hate them.

I adored the first season but the second season I think held back too much, it was almost as if they were scared of not repeating their success and so they did the typical sophomore let’s play it safe thing. We went from Turkish diplomats dying in the bed with the Earl’s unmarried daughters and having to be hauled out by in the middle of the night  to flower show showdowns. So come on Season 3 give us something juicy again!






What to do if your stuck with a spousal Lost Addict

Seeing as how the The Interwebs are all caught up in OMG LOST STARTS TONIGHT frenzies I thought I might repost a little ditty from last year for all those of you who are new here and who are stuck with spouses that drive you crazy with this show.

The Dr. is a huge fan of Lost. I am not. I took one look at the pre-release commercials and declared that I had enough questions left unanswered with the original Gilligan’s Island and did not need more heaped on by a J J Abrams remake.

So he records it and watches it later. Later meaning when I’m busy doing something else. But over the years I’ve wandered through the room enough to have some grasp, albeit probably somewhat incorrect, of the story line.

Here is what I do to amuse myself while he is minding his own business desperately trying to enjoy his show. I wander in and out and ask annoying questions.

Me: "Isn’t she/he supposed to be dead?"

Him: "It’s a flashback" (blood pressure rises)


Me: "Why are some people off the island and other’s aren’t?"

Him: "It’s the future." (hair stands on end – huffs in my general direction)


Me: "How far in the future because that baby doesn’t look any bigger than it was on the island. Babies grow fast."

Him: "Shut up"

Later still:

Me: "I thought she/he was killed on the Island, now she’s in the future? "

Him: "It’s the past again!!" Poof his head explodes

THIS is far more entertaining to me than the show ever could be.

The Ex List

image So far… favorite new show of the season. Elizabeth Reaser is perfection on a stick in this this role of the whacky Bella Bloom – who is told she has a year to reconnect with an old love or spend the rest of her life single.

But what really makes this show for me is the supporting cast. Love the roommates and the sister! And the dialogue – think Grey’s Anatomy Season 1 – before they fell in love with themselves. Seriously.

I’m hooked, HOOKED, after one show. But I’m sitting here wondering… the most obviously question …. what happens with season 2 if she only has a year to find Mr Right?

Of course it has the same crappy timeslot that Moonlight had – and that was the death knell for that show so maybe the one year thing might not be an issue.

So if you liked Grey’s from the beginning, check this show out. It’s funny and fun and smart and sweet. She’s kind of the anti-Merideth. She’s so open it’s frightening. But hilarious and you hey I learned what a merkin was!

Watch the entire episode here

We Watch Too Much TV – Season Opener Opinions

So the new TV season is off, with a barely audible bang. So far from me it seems everything is just mewh, whatever at least it’s new. Here’s what we’ve watched so far.


Gossip Girl:  Two shows in and I still feel like I’m waiting for the season to start. Nothing too exciting and some really cheesy stuff. Blair carries off the uber bitch routine around her school age cronnies but up against a older woman she just looks silly and childish. Everything else that has gone on was just sort of uninteresting.. Serena and Nate back together immediately, whatever. Rufus home lovin his kids, duh.. that’s the premise. Come on GG, excite me! The Mrs Robinson plot is cliche and tired. The kids are getting predictable. Even Chuck was lame this week.

90210: Watched the two hour opener – skipped the show this week. I was interested in the old returning characters even if their run was limited. And it didn’t spend enough time on them to draw me back. I wanted to see more than just polite conversation between Brenda and Kelly.

Entourage: Couldn’t have been more boring. Granted I like this show for it’s snappy dialogue and not the hot chicks. If you watch for the hot chicks then you were happy with the season opener. The folks at Entourage clearly phoned the first episode in because they didn’t want to come home from vacation. Here’s hoping they are back in town now and back at work being all snappy.

Sara Conner/Terminator: Okay they ended this one with a serious violation as far as I’m concerned… you do not let the cute boy shave his head! Suddenly he is no longer cute. The good Cameron/bad Cameron thing is a deal breaker for me. If she’s not good Cameron then I’m not interested. And I still have a problem with the fact that they have never addressed one unavoidable fact. If they are successful: John will cease to exist.

John exists because his father was sent back in time after the machines took over to protect Sarah they get it on, John is created. The current show’s objective is to prevent the machine’s from ever taking over. If they destroy the Turk before Judgement Day then Kyle will never need to travel through time and he will never impregnate Sarah. By altering the future as they are trying to do.. John ceases to exist.


Nothing else new for us this week until Saturday when I can’t wait for SNL to take on the politicians!!

This one time at band camp…

I’m one of those people who remember an embarrassing about of useless things from the past. Things that are better left forgotten. If we walked into my old elementary school today I could walk you to each classroom I was ever in, and show you the placement of a good many of my desks.. third grade, 2nd row from the door, 3rd seat.

I really tend to remember the things that other people would like to forget….

  • I can tell you which girl in my class was the first to get her period. And where she was standing in the cafeteria when everyone noticed.
  • I remember the names of all eight girls who got busted for being drunk during gym class in junior high.
  • I could take you to New Orleans and show you all four spots where my college roommate puked during Mardi Gras in 1988. Yeah I’m fun like that.

I also tend to remember people who I never really knew. You know, friends of friends, random people that were at a particular event but not "with" me specifically. The kind ofpeople you laugh and drink with but know you’ll never see again. Yeah I remember them. I’ve learned over the years to stop saying "Hello" when I run into them later because remembering the guy you were at a 4th of July boat party with 2 summers ago in the grocery store.. kind of screams STALKER.

For all these reasons, sites like Facebook freak me out a little. Of course I remember everyone on the damn high school list. Doesn’t mean they remember me, geeked out introvert that I am was. Or what about all the friends of friends that I might "know" – heck yeah I’ve met them but I don’t "know" them.

And let’s not even get into the whole I’ve-read-you-blog-for-years-but-you-don’t-know-me-from-Adam level of friendship.

Facebook makes me jumpy and nervous. I just don’t want to be that person who over reaches and embarrasses themselves attempting to connect with people from the past and have them be all – "who are you again?"

But then last week something happened that made me laugh and laugh and laugh at myself.

This boy who sat next to me in my 11th grade civics class, the one who was cute and funny that I never could get the nerve to look directly at because I might just turn into a great big poof of dust.. yeah that one. HE sent ME a friend request. Hell I didn’t even think he knew who I was then much less now.

Great Facebook …. Could have used you 25 years ago ….and Big Thanks ’cause now you’ve got me REALLY over-thinking the  "Do You Know" suggestions … ‘

… like do you think the girl who went to dance with me in 2nd grade and hid my ballet shoes the last day before recital so I couldn’t be in the show will know who I am if I "Friend" her? …Wonder if she ever found out I totally got her back with a bad sorority rec. 11 years later ……

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If you would have told me I would have spend another two hours of my life watching 90210 I would have laughed at you. Now you can laugh at me.

My opinion – Gossip Girl is the new 90210. I’ll be sticking with it. However I’ll admit to being mildly interested in the older historical characters until they run their course.