Eating Our Vitamens

So I’m a couple of chapters into START by Jon Acuff, and right off I identified with his point about one of the barriers to starting is that we want to have the whole thing planned out, and how that just about never happens. That making a small start, “sample yogurt sized” as he puts it, is where it’s more likely to root successfully.

One thing I’ve decided is that out of my ideas that I’m flirting with is that I can’t possible start everything all at the same time. So I need to prioritize. Clearly I’ve put firing up the old blog at the top.. mainly because right now I’m seeing it as a tool for working through the other things. For thinking my thoughts. After that I might tackle one new start every week or so for the next few months. I’m starting small with my starts.

Up Next comes the food thing.

This is one effects the kids so I want put this high on the list. We don’t eat well. We used to before the drama but now, not so much. By well, I’m referring to nutritionally, rather than volume or quality. Two factors contribute to this, first we are on the go all the time with the girls sports schedules. And second I hate to cook, or more correctly I hate to clean up afterwards, the cooking I’m okay with actually. So as a result, given those factors we have snacked and munched our way through summer and very little of it holds that much value.

Summer is ending so it’s a good time to change.

The truth is I’d love to be a whole-food, vegan dish preparing mom whose kid’s lunches are little bento boxes of wholesome organic goodness. That is the BHAG, That is where I get stuck on this food thing. I have felt like it has to be an all or nothing, zero sum change. We have to go all in or not at all. But that isn’t going to happen. At least not overnight. So I sat down to figure out where we can START.

Here are my goals with #EatingBetter:

  1. I want to eat well enough so that we are getting our needed vitamins and minerals in our food and drinks. If it doesn’t help fulfill this goal, we probably don’t need to eat it. I’m looking at you Cheetos, we love you but really what is your point?
  2. When given the choice, I’m going to pick versions of the things we like that are more natural or organic or  free range or hormone free or whatevergogurt
  3. There are still somethings we’re allowed that aren’t going to fit into those first two rules but that fit into our lives: like Pop-Tarts. That is okay.
  4. We will limit meat but aren’t going to give up meat or dairy – I feel that the girls need the protein and the calcium sources in their diets. But again, better choices and better sources. We might work our way toward vegetarian but probably not vegan.
  5. It’s okay to treat ourselves occasionally – yeap I’m looking at your snack sized McFlurry

So there are the 5 rules I’m going to START taking with me to the grocery store and through the drive through and into the take out menu.

I’ll let you know how it’s going next week.


Miss Zoot’s Infamous Cake Poppers the Halloween Addition

So I saw a post about her cake poppers the about 3 minutes before I got an email from my friend asking what I was bringing to our annual Halloween Party. BINGO. Cake Poppers I said. She said, “Huh?” I told her not to worry.

Now I had never made cake poppers before but I had read about them a lot. So I felt pretty confident in my ability to reproduce them. I started with the standard ingredients: Red Velvet Cake mix, Cream Cheese Frosting, and Fountain Chocolate. Because I wanted to make them Halloween I also picked up some white chocolate and orange die to make some colorful drizzle.


I started the night before by baking the cake according to directions. Don’t you just love the way red velvet cake batter looks?


Then it sat out overnight to completely cool


Then the next morning the cake gets crumbled up in a bowl and an entire jar of cream cheese icing is mixed in.


Then I hand-rolled them into balls. Zoot’s tip on washing your hands often just to keep them wet… priceless. Makes rolling the balls way easier.


After that they go in the frig for a couple of hours…


Then you’re ready to set up your dips. The fountain chocolate gets melted in the microwave and the balls are completely bathed in them. DSC_5245I made the orange for a drizzle but it turns out you can’t get Wilton’s candy thin enough to really drizzle. Fortunatley I had also purchased orange sprinkles and that worked much better.


They firm up pretty fast and they are ready to go! Off the the Halloween party.


I actually had an argument with one of my girlfriends over whether I made these or not. She was convinced they came from a specialty store and refused to believe they were homemade. So pretty much homerun.