We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together….

154035382In the last year our family income has been severely reduced, by severe, I mean by about 2/3rds. Serious belt tightening was in order.

Some of the first things to get cut were the obvious ones. The twice a month housekeeper,  the lawn fertilizer service etc.. Services I really valued and would like to have back one day if at possible. But for now, they just don’t fit my budget.

Here is the thing the lawn fertilizer service made it so hard to quit, I’ll never hire them back. They put high pressure sales people on the call who don’t like taking no for an answer, argued with me about stopping entirely, and in then end I had to hang up on them. And even though I was upfront about why I was stopping – I don’t have money to pay you – they continue to call to try and reactivate the service and send pounds and pounds of direct mail. They remind me weekly of my changed circumstances with their marketing and I will never, ever use them again.

I’m experiencing the digital marketing side of this game as I am working on keeping my New Year’s resolution going. Over the holiday break, when I wasn’t receiving much work based email, my inbox still was full to overflowing with junk mail and I realized just how much I delete in the course of a day without even realizing it or thinking about it. I guess since I’m in marketing I have that same compulsion to allow marketing to reach me that sales people feel to listen when someone is trying to sell them something.

So my New Year’s resolution I decided was to Unsubscribe myself from at least 3 emails a day until I was no longer receiving junk email from companies brands/sources that didn’t potentially help me do my job.

As a marketer I can’t believe how hard some companies make it to get off their lists. I’m glad the software we use doesn’t do that. (Believe me I’ve gone and checked just to make sure). Unsubscribing should be an easy one click transaction.

I shouldn’t have to tell you my email address back (you could be sending any number of brand aliases when you send to me, I have no idea what you use) and I shouldn’t have to tell you what lists I want on or off of. See that email I just clicked on – I want off that list right there. Make it happen.

Making it easy to stop doing business, especially in a time of dramatic change for someone, is an important part of re-winning their business. If are leaving you because they can’t afford you, release them and tell them you look forward to seeing them in better times. If they are going to a competitor, acknowledge whatever you did to let their business ship away and ask for a chance to be considered again when the problem is gone. Appreciate their feedback and make it easy.

If you’re really good at what you do, they will come back.

Nearly Perfect

This is why my friends ask me to pick the paint colors for their house.  I spend a lot of time looking at color and hue dealing with 7 brands with 7 different logos..today I ran across this fun little game that let’s you test your ability to correctly read hue. Blue/Green has always been my weakness. I knew when I was taking the test something was wrong but I couldn’t fix it. I thought I had the pink/purples right though, damn. 0 is a perfect score – the worst on record was 1049 for my age and gender.


Low Bandwidth Travel

Spent the day in meetings meetings meetings. Not bad really actually some different stuff than the everyday and had a good time but now I’m back at the Wyndam and they don’t have "free" high speed internet and my aircard as usual is sucking wind.

Anyone else having this problem with Verizon’s Aircards? When I got it about a year and a half ago it was great. But now it barely works. Speeds are about the same as dial up. My only guess is that there are so many people with them now it’s just sucking up all the bandwidth.

That sucks and all but what is worse is I’m paying almost $200 a night for this stinking hotel room and they want to $10.00 per day nickel and dime me to death to have internet access in my room. This is not a lonely hotel. This hotel is sold out most nights. They can afford to chunk up the broadband. Cheap bastards.

So tomorrow it’s back to the meetings and then home again home again jiggidy jig. I’m hoping to be home in time for dinner.

More notes from the road – Interviewing day

Spent the day interviewing people to replace a person that two years ago I so wanted to replace. Now two years later and we’ve both worked so hard to find a place where everything works – it’s hard to imagine him going. I find myself looking for someone just like him and I have to remind myself that I can’t compare and have to be open minded. Know any fresh-out-of-college-have-some-graphic-design-experience types who want a job as a marketing assistant on the north side of Atlanta?

Now for a quick refresher back at the hotel and a lovely drive in rush hour traffic down to Super Suppers to meet some more blogedy bloggers.. including Miss Zoot! Way excited about this.. Promised all my food to the one who’s leaving – my gift to him.

At least it’s job security

I can put together killer marketing campaigns…
I can wall paper our client base with intriguing and informative press releases…
I can design pretty pretty brochures…
I can negotiate contracts with our print and promo vendor that reduce our costs…

  … but do you know why they love me around here? Why they find me an highly valuable and talented employee?

I can find a video of John Travolta dancing the solo scene in Saturday Night Fever on You Tube and embed it in a presentation.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is how I rock their world.

… Your should be dancing… Yeah….

Morning of Highs and Lows

It’s lunch time and I feel like I’ve had a full day. So far we’ve had more mood swings around here than a 13 year old girl.

For the first time every when I got FuzzyHead out of the crib and put her on the changing table she said "I poo poo on potty."  Hmm, I felt the diaper I just took off, not full, kind of cold. Okay maybe you haven’t gone in a while. Let’s give it a shot. Off we go to the potty. She’s sitting there content and making some pretty funny faces like she’s trying but nothings happening. Then I hear the sound that has started to break my heart.

The cat started having another seizure in the hallway outside their rooms. So I tell Puddin’ to keep an eye on her sister and keep her on the potty since she doesn’t have a diaper and I go to the hallway to sooth him through it. This one doesn’t seem so bad and I realize he must have just come from the litter box because this time there is no loss of control so to speak. I’m petting him gently he’s calmed down a little but is still panting.

Suddenly Puddin’ screams from the bathroom "She did it! SHE PEE’D ON THE POTTY!" and comes running out in the hallway, freaks the already freaked out cat even more. I decide this is more than I can handle alone and tell Pud to go get her father. So simultaneously we have the high of the first successful pee pee on the potty and evidence of increasingly frequent seizures. My head hurts.


Then I get down to work. The call comes and something that I really really really needed to happen, happened. A vendor moved heaven and earth and went out on a limb and came through for me. This was something I had been holding my breath about, loosing sleep over, not eating about. And it happened. Whew… hurray things are looking up now let’s get down to business and get some stuff done. CRASH… Blue screen of death.  Currently restoring from backup.

Not sure how much more of this I can take today. Vet appointment is at 3:00. Not holding out much hope that there is going to be a "good times" solution.