So much for not posting aggravated and grumpy things…

This post might end up making me seem like a bit of an ass but bare with me and I’ll try to explain what’s got me a bit fired up.

There are two very big news stories being discussed tonight (three if you count the fact that we seem to be bombing Iraq again but I can’t even think about that) and I think the wrong one is getting all the attention.

My Facebook stream is loaded with post after post after post about the death of Robin Williams. Everyone from neighbors, to my employer, and of course, other celebrities have something to say about it. In fact I’m kind of shocked by how much attention it’s getting.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a horrible and sad turn of events, but what it has not struck me as is surprising. His talent, while genius, has always danced on the edge of insanity. To describe his standup act as “manic” would be an understatement. I’ve always thought that it must be a tremendous burden to live inside his head with a brain that could do all the amazing things his brain could do at the speed at which it did them. And while he was certainly a comedic giant, he was also able to tap into some pretty dark stuff, he never struck as a particularly happy person. This almost seems like an inevitable ending.

Given the above it’s not surprising he battled addictions and depression. But he was also a very wealthy man with every advantage and had clear access to all the help he could possibly ask for. He sought help but it wasn’t enough. In the end he made a choice, a tragic one for sure, but a choice none the less. This is the ending he apparently wanted. We can only pray that that choice has brought him the peace he desired and he most assuredly deserved.

But in St Louis tonight there is a family of a teenage boy who did not make that choice.

But who is also dead none the less, and at the hands of the police.

A boy who was killed on Saturday – and whose death is surrounded in questions. Racial tensions appeared to push peaceful protests beyond peace and looting and rioting ensued. A tragic response to a terrible problem, undermining the intent of those who would be like their voices of protests to heard and acknowledged in a meaningful way.

Later, resumed peaceful protests appear to have been met by amped up police actions ready for more trouble, whether trouble arrived or not – almost willing it to. According to live on the ground twitter reports unarmed people carrying nothing but cell phones have been attacked with wooden and rubber bullets as well as attacked with tear gas. Residents are being denied access to their homes. Police are attempting to quarantine the press and refusing to allow up close coverage of what is happening. Not in the middle east, not in North Korea, but right here in the United States. A no fly zone has been established to help aid in the press blackout.  Property owners are being gassed on their own property, video tape shows them in their own yard with the police coming down the street, they stand with their hands in the air behind their fence and property line – and the police shoot at them.

Even seasoned veterns are starting to question the amount of armor that is being displayed by the SWAT teams.

But not one person in my Facebook news feed has mentioned it at all. No one is upset by any of that.

Maybe it’s just me but I’m far more concerned about racial divides in this country and police misconduct and censorship,  than I am over whether or not there will be another Ms Doubtfire movie. Since when does a celebrity death become more newsworthy, up worthy, or sharable than the police killing an unarmed boy or peaceful protesters being bullied by police?

Mr. Williams led a troubled life but left behind a brilliant body of work that will carry on his legacy for years. Michael Brown never even got to start his freshman year of college, and regardless of the events that lead to the shooting, was unarmed and died at the hands of someone he should have been able to trust with his life. Which of these deserves our attention or outrage more?

Maybe neither is more deserving then the other but certainly they should at least carry equal weight in our consciences and social media streams.

Exactly how many times can you start a blog over again?

Yeap, here I am again, considering the blog. I’m not sure exactly why but the last week or two I find myself writing blog posts in my head for the blog that barely exists.

Maybe it’s that school is starting up again in a week or so and subliminally I think I need to starts something again also.

Maybe it’s because S is really getting into writing and making up stories and journalling and she’s reminded and inspired me to do the same.

Maybe it’s still that nagging feeling that it’s important to document this time in lives so the girls will understand it better when they are grown up and look back on it.

Maybe it’s because I’ve enjoyed the #100happydays experimented I started 10 days ago. (I think I might retro that one back into here)

Who knows? Does it matter? I really think it doesn’t.

What matters is that I feel like doing it again and that thought makes me happy.

Friday Internet Roundup

This describes every trip I’ve every made to Whole Foods Ever

And then there was this post over at The Bloggess that made me smile so much my face hurt.

The new iphone came out today and good news is your cat can use the new fingerprint scanner just fine.

HULU made me very happy by adding Dr Who this week. Not sure why this makes me so happy since Amazon Prime already had them but it just does.

9-20-2013 12-49-31 PM

Watched some of CreativeLive’s free sessions this week and fell in love with the amazing Brooke Shaden and her work

9-20-2013 12-51-24 PM




Who Needs Autocorrect … I can have screwed up conversations with my kid just fine all by myself

ImageIn the car discussing why her little sister couldn’t play after school yesterday…

Me: (referring to the 8 yo) …then she was so eager to get back to reading her Captain Underpants book. she pitched a fit about doing her worksheets and got in trouble.

12 yo: You know Captain Underpants is partly pornagraphic novel right?

Me: Captain Underpants IS NOT pornagraphic what are you talking about? Why would you say that!?!?!

12 yo: Pornagraphic? I said “Captain Underpants…is…partly… a…. graphic…… novel.”

Me: Oh

12 yo: I don’t even know what pornagraphic means.


12 yo: Mom? Mom?

Me:  Look at that cloud over there.

WTF Target… turquoise weiner dog edition

I love me some Target, the numbers in my bank account don’t lie. I’m a Red Card devotee.

But sometimes I think the good folks up there in Minneapolis are trying to screw with us (yeah yeah, let’s see who we get to buy this!) or maybe the cold cold winters just screw with their heads a little too much. Either way sometimes you just want to take their purchasing department aside and offer them counseling.

Like with today’s email blast….  Let’s see what we have here, brightly colored plates that are too busy for my taste, dull monotone bowls that are too boring for my taste, standard issue porch rug, curtains from 1952 and oh yes… what looks like a bright orange paper mache deer – who’s had the shit scared out of it.



Someone with a highly covented job in the Target purchasing department saw this in a catalog or a design center and said “Yeah!! That’s what the fall decor line is missing.. Scared Orange Deer! People will be dying to get those home!”    

(Note to Target HR department: Stop hiring people fresh out of design school! Yes they are cheap but they have absolutely no idea what they are doing – remember all those god awful high end “designer” children’s clothes that cluttered your clearance racks all spring and no actual child wore ever? Stop it!)

But back to the damn deer  ’cause people, you know I had to click on that shit.



That’s right, it’s part of set with a turquoise dachshund and a pink poodle  – that appear to be as big as the deer (no wait sorry the poodle is actually 3 inches taller) . A bright turquoise resin dachshund and a giant pink poodle! Well at least now we know what the hell the damn deer is so afraid of!

“I really wish I could find a bright turquoise dachshund I’ve been looking for one forever!” Said No Person Ever

I’m even leaving the giant red rooster and the woodland hedgehog nightlight along because seriously people they are trying to sell you turquoise weiner dogs!


September: My least favorite month


September tries hard. It starts out with a bang, a holiday right there fresh out the gate – it gives you it’s first Monday off every year. Then it’s all downhill from there.

September wants to be fall but it can’t seem to let go of summer.

September means all the back to school newness has worn off and the day to day grind is setting in.

In September we start rolling our eyes at the world of retail and they begin their annoyingly early holiday season push.

September is like the guy you date while you’re waiting to meet Mr Right. It’ll do until October gets here.

September is so boring that in 1752 when the British wanted to abandon the Julian calendar in favor of the Gregorian, they took the 11 day difference out of September, making September 3rd the 14th instead. No one noticed. (As a result nothing whatsoever is recorded in British history from Sept 3-13 1752 –  true story)

World War II started in September

September Blows…

Summer’s End

So it turns out that the Summer of Simple involved “not blogging”. And that’s okay. We concentrated on other things. 

We had a killer swim season.

We visited family.

We hung out.

And now we are ready to get back to school next week. And it turns out, back to blogging too. I’ve had some ideas rolling around in my head. A schedule of sorts which I’ve never really done before.

I’m still sort of working it out in my head and on paper but it’s mostly there.

And these it will be mostly here.

Celebrity Crush: Mayim Bialik

Myim BialikI wish I were young enough to blame my affection for this actress on her 90s sitcom Blossom – but we all know I’m old enough to have “grown up” with Cindy Brady and Tracy Partridge instead. In fact I have absolutely nothing in common and no reason to identify with this really quite amazing woman – I’m not an actress, a neuroscientist, a vegan, Jewish, and I in fact am opposed to a lot of the Attachment Parenting lifestyle she promotes. So why do I just really really like this person? It’s simply – she’s just so authentic.

I think it must be that the first thing that leaps out at you when you see her, being herself and not in character, is how completely unique she is. She clearly marches to the beat of her own drummer and conforming to social norms is not her thing.  She has not followed the prescribed path to success but has in fact become incredible successful in both Hollywood and the world of science. I find that refreshing and inspiring.

I first became aware of the adult Mayim when she appeared as a subject on What Not To Wear. Honestly I was only vaguely aware of the whole Blossom thing since I didn’t do a lot of tweeny TV watching during my 20/30s.  When I saw her on WNTW, she had gone on to do other things and had pursued her academic interest and was now a neuroscientist and new mom. She as warm, friendly, and just open to the whole experience. Most of all it was clear she was very funny and very intelligent. Two things that always make me interested.

Later when she showed up as Amy in BBT, I thought how very perfect. She fits right in.

Since then I’ve read her blog, and followed her on Twitter.. and while I don’t agree with some of the things, like the AP stuff, I have enjoyed her as a writer for how she approaches topics with such kindness and warmth. Her intelligence and wit are always there but so is this just really sweet, caring personality. She quickly became one of those rare exceptions  –  a celebrity that I’d actually like to meet in real life. You feel like meeting her would only make you like her more, rather than being a huge disappointment.

So if you think of her as Blossom, or Amy – do yourself a favor dig a little deeper. There is so much more interesting go on there than just those two things.

Here’s a good place to start…y

We Interrupt This Pool Building Project for Easter Bunny Cake

And where’s Easter… there’s a Bunny Cake.

Start with two nine inch layer cakes and cut one in thirds to create two ears and a bow tie.


And lay it on your tray thusly… (try not to crack the bow tie D’oh)


Then ice and decorate with Easter Candy


DSC_1722The original recipe calls for the bunny to be covered in dyed coconut which makes him look fun and furry but my kids won’t eat coconut so we’ve started skipping that part. The cheeks are Hostess Snowballs.