Finding Veronica Mars


Yes I realize I’m very very late to this party but OMG – Veronica Mars!

My summer of experimenting with “no cable” has lead us to trying out new shows that we missed the first time around and Veronica Mars has turned out the be the Queen Bee of our Summer TV diet.

How did I miss this before? Well better late than never I guess. We’ve just finished up season 1 and  we are totally addicted.  The girls love it and I love it for them. She’s smart and sassy but also cares about school and grades and treats adults with manners and respect. Already she’s off the scales a better role model that ANY teenager on ANY Disney Channel Show hands down.  Yes she has a bit more freedom than is realistic and she’s got a serious boyfriend addiction but we talk about how life isn’t always like TV in those regards.

I like that the hard working town people tend to be the good guys and the rich 09ers are shown to be materialistic and  lazy. I’m tired of my girls being shown this fantasy that rich and famous is something to admire and idolize – or is even common or an option.

But I also like that it’s not as black and white as all that and that Veronica actually finds a way to exist and get along with everyone worth being friends with. There are good and bad on both sides of the tracks and she aligns with those that are worthy of her friendship no matter who they are or where they live.

Also the clothes  – she’s got style without being stylish or “fashionable”  and looks super cute without going for sexy or slutty.  When Puddin’ started requesting little polo type shirts  in her back to school wardrobe I didn’t think much of it, but was happy to oblige  – afterwards I started to realize where it’s coming from, Veronica likes a little polo-ish shirt as well.  Next thing you know she’ll be wearing a little leather neck choker necklace LOL.

How this show failed to make it past three seasons I’ll never understand. How it inspired a kickstarter campaign that funded a whole motion pictures I totally get.

We might have missed the train the first time around but we are definitely on board now!