We are Never, Ever Getting Back Together….

154035382In the last year our family income has been severely reduced, by severe, I mean by about 2/3rds. Serious belt tightening was in order.

Some of the first things to get cut were the obvious ones. The twice a month housekeeper,  the lawn fertilizer service etc.. Services I really valued and would like to have back one day if at possible. But for now, they just don’t fit my budget.

Here is the thing the lawn fertilizer service made it so hard to quit, I’ll never hire them back. They put high pressure sales people on the call who don’t like taking no for an answer, argued with me about stopping entirely, and in then end I had to hang up on them. And even though I was upfront about why I was stopping – I don’t have money to pay you – they continue to call to try and reactivate the service and send pounds and pounds of direct mail. They remind me weekly of my changed circumstances with their marketing and I will never, ever use them again.

I’m experiencing the digital marketing side of this game as I am working on keeping my New Year’s resolution going. Over the holiday break, when I wasn’t receiving much work based email, my inbox still was full to overflowing with junk mail and I realized just how much I delete in the course of a day without even realizing it or thinking about it. I guess since I’m in marketing I have that same compulsion to allow marketing to reach me that sales people feel to listen when someone is trying to sell them something.

So my New Year’s resolution I decided was to Unsubscribe myself from at least 3 emails a day until I was no longer receiving junk email from companies brands/sources that didn’t potentially help me do my job.

As a marketer I can’t believe how hard some companies make it to get off their lists. I’m glad the software we use doesn’t do that. (Believe me I’ve gone and checked just to make sure). Unsubscribing should be an easy one click transaction.

I shouldn’t have to tell you my email address back (you could be sending any number of brand aliases when you send to me, I have no idea what you use) and I shouldn’t have to tell you what lists I want on or off of. See that email I just clicked on – I want off that list right there. Make it happen.

Making it easy to stop doing business, especially in a time of dramatic change for someone, is an important part of re-winning their business. If are leaving you because they can’t afford you, release them and tell them you look forward to seeing them in better times. If they are going to a competitor, acknowledge whatever you did to let their business ship away and ask for a chance to be considered again when the problem is gone. Appreciate their feedback and make it easy.

If you’re really good at what you do, they will come back.