A Chance of Showers

One of the things you always here new parents saying is "I just want to be able to take a shower without…<<<insert problem here>>>"

Someone crying, someone wanting to eat, someone wanting to be held… etc…

Well babies grow up and thanks Elmo’s World or Teletubbies you start to achieve normal levels of hygeine again. So imagine my surprise this week when I suddenly lost hope for a second time.

Puddin is now in the habit of wandering in and out of the bathroom to check on my progress when I get ready in the mornings. Today she came in while I was in the shower and asked me where her Lips (Chapstick) were.  I answered that I didn’t know and would find it when I got out of the shower.

To which I heard, "Oh I know, it’s up high, get chair to climb"

Whoosh, off went the water. Half done, I’m drying off frantically calling out to her as she leaves in a proof of mischief, "No climbing"

I love that she’s independant in nature but I’m thinking it’s going to be years before I get a good shower in again.

Happy Birthday To Me!

I’m not generally the kind of person who really cares about doing the "birthday" thing. The fact that the Mr. is a big birthday fan has always sort of bugged me out but I play along for his benefit.

But once again, I’ve discovered that parenthood can change your perspective on just about anything. I absolutely loved my birthday this year – because it brought such joy to my Puddin Pop. She got such a kick out of buying presents and getting me a cake that it just made me melt.

My darlin’ Pud gifted me with both an Sesame Street puzzle AND a deck of Old Maid cards. She was as proud of her selections as she could be and told me "Mama, I can help you play with them!" She also was kind enough to move my balloons to what ever room I was currently occupying for the next 3 days.

I may not like being the center of attention with anyone else but I’ll take lavish spotlighting from my Pud any ol day – even if it does mean I’m a year older.