Summer Vacation Day 17–Children of the Swamp

Only in Florida does fine dining include a little pre-dinner gator feeding session. Here we enjoy taking the children out to the local fish camp and encourage them to throw dog food at The Things That Time Forgot… otherwise how will they grow into gigantic monsters.

Please when you click threw to that, go to slide 5 to get some real perspective on the size of that thing that, until this week,  lived in the same creek my kids swim every weekend. Holy Heck, no tea-cup children here I guess. I just hope I don’t run over it’s sister with my wave runner any time soon.


Alligator Bait

Summer Vacation Day 16–Poor Man’s Wave Pool


Do poor men have wave pools? Regardless, in protest of my refusal to take the kids to the local water park other wise known as E-Coli Central they have developed a new game called Wave Pool.

This consists of them bouncing up and down a lot with noodles and causing the water to splash so much it comes out of the pool. I remain appalled at the amount of energy this takes and that they have it to spare.


Makings of the poor mans wave pool

Summer Vacation Day 15–Houston We Have a Problem

So, I decided to take a break from the pressure of blogging (seriously did I just say that) by creating a simply summer photo blog project instead. Yeah that’s going to work.

It took exactly 15 days to eff that one up. On day 15 I had to take a quick trip to Houston to video tape some forklift drivers – don’t hate me for the glamour people.

Puddin’ was told “take pictures” when I was gone. From the airport I texted The Dr. to ask him to actually write it on her list of things she must do while Mom’s gone. He was all yeah yeah fine. Then he didn’t do it.

And she didn’t do it.

Hell’s Bells people, didn’t you feel weird that no one was pointing a camera in your face all damn day?

Fortunately I snapped this one in Houston Hobby Airport. At least it represents what I did that day – and is foreshadowing of a even bigger day next week. Yeah foreshadowing.. that’s what it is..  that’s the ticket.


Summer Vacation Day 13–Yard Boy

During the summer I fully support the Boy Scouts in their endeavor to spend time in the great outdoors by my staying OUT of the great outdoors and letting THEM mow the lawn. This one – Florida born and breed – is earning money to go to Maine and camp out for two weeks in the wilderness. LOL, it doesn’t matter that it’s going to be July, he’s going to freeze! But I can’t wait to hear about his great adventure when he gets back.

Summer Vacation Day 12–Boating with Barbie

She asked me for a string so she could tie the boat behind the Barbie Convertible and a Purple Bear could pull Barbie around.

I told her that it sounded like the beginning of a series of very bad decisions that seemed okay at the time but that Barbie would regret for the rest of life.

She looked at me like – you poor woman – and just walked away.

Summer Vacation Day 12 - Boating with Barbie

Summer Vacation Day 10: A visit from a new friend…

Remember No Feet from Little Bear? Well this fellow’s kind of like him. He’s just a passive old black snack that lives in the flower bed and keeps other varmints away. Every once in a while he might mis-time his sunning session and scares the pants of the kids even though they know he’s fairly harmless.

Now we’re just waiting for Emily, Lucy, Owl, Duck, and Hen to show up. We hope Mitzi stays home..

Summer Vacation Day 10 - new friend