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PicMelissa has been wearing pajamas to work since she started telecommuting from her couch full-time in 1996 and forgot where her actual office was. Over the years while working from home she’s climbed the corporate ladder, put her husband through med school, and produced two female offspring. Not bad for a girl who wears bunny slippers to work.

You’ll find her blogging at Breaking The Dress code where she talks about raising her two girls, living with Multiple Sclerosis and Autoimmune Hepatitis, pretending to know how to use her camera, work and life in general, all while trying hide her gadget addition, potty mouth, TV habit, and sometimes questionable humor. 

In a desperate attempt to protect her family & workplace, she blogs and comments under the username Melizzard.

Evidently I also find it highly amusing to write about myself in the third person. Email Me




Clean Slate

It's been nearly a year since I've posted here. A year that has easily been the worst of my life, but that is not why I stopped. Actually I stopped because well, to be honest I just wasn't that into it anymore. This time last, year life was actually going along pretty good and I was busy and happy and it just seemed like blogging was not part of that.

I guess on some level I've always seen blogging as a means of reaching out to to fill in a something that is/was missing in real life. And life didn't seem to be missing anything, so I stopped.

And then the thing happened. The thing that changed everything. The thing I still will not be talking about. But a thing happened. And there wasn't even a place or time or thought or ability to breathe, to do anything, but survive from one day to the next.

To be clear, things are not better now. It is not done. We are not out the other side of it all.  But thing have, for a time anyway, leveled out. And that has given me the mental capacity to want to write things down again. To keep track of things. To record.  There is a need to document, to catalog, life's moments that I can't explain.

So I'm back.  Finding my way a bit still, but back. And that is enough for now.