Undie Sunday/Undie Monday

DUW_USM_logo Dignity U Wear is a Jacksonville based organization that collects and provides NEW clothing to thousands of people in need all over the country. Starting in February, they are kicking off their annual Undie Sunday & Undie Monday 6 week drive to collect New UNUSED underwear for girls and boys.

If your church, business, school, or other community group would like to participate it’s not too late. You can get all the forms and participation materials on their website. Kick off is Feb 1 and Undie Sunday and Monday are March 9th and 10th.

This is just one of those things for me every year that is just a no brainer. I give all our “gently used” clothing to charities, mostly the Vietnam Vets or Goodwill where they resell them. But NO ONE, especially a child, should ever have to wear someone else’s used underwear. Last year they collected over 80,000 new pairs of underwear. I participate in this drive through my church and starting this year with my daughter’s girl scout troop as well.

Founded by holocaust survivor Henri Landwirth, Dignity U Wear is unique in that it only collects NEW unused clothing. These clothes go to people from all walks of life. Abused spouses who have just picked up their kids and walked out with the clothes on their backs. People who’ve lost everything in a fire. Hurricane victims. Folks who are just down on their luck. Since April 2000 they have provided over 3 million pieces of new clothing valued at $65 million to 300,000 children and families across 30 states. For more information you can visit their website www.dignityuwear.org


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